what should I wear in my senior pictures?

I am getting them down soon so what color shold I wear and how should I do my hair for the pictures. also how many out fits should I take to change into. what poese should I take

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  1. Amelia L says:

    when i got mine done i got WAY too many outfits, like 7 i was there for 4 hours!! you really only need about 4.
    pick a nice one with a dress or a skirt (something you could might to church), one that’s dressy (something that you might wear to a dinner party or a wedding, not a formal), one with a sweater (maybe) (sweaters are great for your year book pic!!), and one with casaul clothes (jeans t-shirt, w/e). bring one or two extra outfits of your choice. your photographer should help you choose which ones are best, and will pick the settings to your clothes.

    go buy some new clothes, you don’t want to wear anything that looks really worn in. Jeans are one thing, but you don’t want faded or stretched out shirts. right? right.
    pick something that you would wear any other time. don’t pick something that isn’t you.
    try not to pick anything with too bold of a print, you don’t want to take attention away from your lovely face. solid colors are best, especially nuetrals: black, white, brown.
    think about things that are always fashionable. go for a classic look (that is still you) you dont want to wear something that will be out of style in 1 year. because you want to look back on these in 20.

    wear your hair down, and style it like you normally would. which ever you can trust will look best with out you fixing it a lot. because you probably won’t have a lot of mirror time. i didn’t.

    make sure you don’t have any mid-driff showing. NO bra straps hanging out either invest in a strapless or go braless. make sure you dont have anything that shows too much cleavage either. it’ll make you look slutty you’re paying a lot of money, you want to look nice.

    the photographer will tell you how to pose. so you don’t even have to worry about that.

    unless you’re known for a signature make up look, which i doubt, keep your make up simple, a little mascara, a little eyeliner and lipgloss. don’t wear black eyeliner, pick a charcoal or a brown.

  2. Jackie B says:

    You want people to remember you how you are not pretending who you are, Dress however you want in something clean and fashionable but doesnt look stuffy or something you wouldn’t wear.

  3. andthatshypocricy says:

    First of all don’t go heavy on the make up. It always looks bad. Go for a natural earth angel look. Cream eye shadow, luminzers on your face, soft blush and pink lips. Then for your hair keep it natural. Don’t gel it down or do some big updo. And for your top, you’ll only see your collar so wear a vneck with a pretty necklace. Natural smile, no big cheese

  4. flowerchildwithlove says:

    clothes. nice ones. that you feel comfortable in. cause if they aren’t, you’ll feel weird and look weird in the picture. and be all worried all day.

  5. bmdrumboy says:

    I worked for a High School photograpgy company – here are your tools:
    Take at least 5 outfits ( include 1 maybe cheerleading or a sport outfit)
    Do not wear stripes or polkadots.
    Bring your makeup for touchups in between shots.
    The photographer will " Pose" you.
    PS: When you smile – show your front teeth ( Not all of them )
    and most importantly – HAVE FUN!! It is your Senior pictures 🙂

  6. Kim Y says:

    Wear what you project you would not be embarrased to be seen in 25-30 years from now for your high school reunions.

    Look naturally pretty. Set a good example for your teenage daughter that will be looking at your pic 20 yrs from now.

  7. onlyoneangel01 says:

    Pictures are expensive these dys just do like 2 or 3 poses. Wear what color you like

  8. braingamer says:

    Try to look like a mature, responsible adult. Conservative hair, clothing and make-up would be best. Remember that "fashion" is flash-in-the-pan. You don’t want to look back on those pictures and say "I cannot believe I EVER wore something that AWFUL!" Believe me, it won’t take too many years to come to THAT conclusion!

  9. just wondering says:

    Wear clothes that are classic, not something that you will be embarrassed by in years to come. Have you ever seen pictures of your parents when they were young that were totally geeky? What looks cool now may look geeky to your kids. Simple, classical clothes in solid colors that look good with your hair and complexion are your best bet. This is not a fashion shoot. These are pictures you would like to look on with pride 20 years from now. Keep the hair simple, in a style you would normally wear.

  10. mother of 4 says:

    Check to see what colors look best on you, do this in bright lights and all you have to do is lay the clothing or material around your neck and see what colors look best with skin,eye, and hair color. As far as hair styles, keep it simple, and basic like you normally look. Make sure you take plenty of school spirit items with you, like letter-man jacket, awards, certificates, ribbons, if you are involved in activities take your uniforms, etc. Talk to your photographer and they should be able to give you LOTS of ideas and hints. As far as poses, once again, talk to the person doing pictures and of course your parents because the more poses, the higher the cost. Now one thing that we just did for our daughter that turned out better than the professional ones that we payed a HUGE amount for was, we went to Walmart and bought a black and white disposable camera, and went to several of my daughters faveorite places and took pics. My fav was were she was sitting on the rail road track, (railing) and had her legs stretched out in front of her, crossed at the ankles. I hope this will help you out some. Good luck and Congratulations on graduating!

  11. THE Perfect Navy Wife says:

    They normally give you something to wear…. WHY be so worried about it, its just a picture!

  12. Library Eyes says:

    does the photographer limit how many changes you can bring?
    We took 2 sweaters with jeans and 1 tshirt of college mascot with jeans…a flattering prom dress…black pants with a white collared button up shirt and a black dress.

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