what should i wear to homecoming? help pwweeeasee?

ok so i am deciding to come out of the closet as transgender by deciding to go to my senior year homecoming as a girl and am desperate on what to wear.. i.e. heels, dress, how should i do my makeup/hair? please help i will send pictures to whoever emails me. my email is itscandis@yahoo.com and if u dont like email we can AIM but ya so just post answers and if u wanna see what i look like so u can decide what would look best just email me lovelies. thanks!!!

i am 5’7 and 120lbs and have feminine features and have been mistaken as a girl several times..i have curves and a perky butt but email me if yall want more info on what i look like and what would look best
also, i need help on bras, panties, and lingerie for the night afterwards (maybe)

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One Response to what should i wear to homecoming? help pwweeeasee?

  1. TaylorB says:

    Well you need a wig. And boobs… I would just wear a nice long dress. Something very conservative.

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