what should i wear to junior prom?

i have my junior prom comming up in april. its not the senior prom so i dont have to wear a tux. but i do want to dress nice. i dont wanna wear normal dress pants and a shirt and tie like everyone else. i wana wear something trendy and stylish. if im gonna wear a suit i would want to wear a slim fitting pant. im just kind of lost as to what im goin to wear. if any one has any suggestions for me it would be greatly appreciated. or if you have pictures to show me thats a plus.. thanks.

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  1. cubislowlow says:


  2. babicakezdaonenonly says:

    You should wear whatever ur comfortable in. It doesnt matter what others think of u, as long as ur,well youself

  3. bb m says:

    I like that dapper hip hop look…pin striped button down shirt with nice cuff-links, pair of dark slacks and kicks to go with it and a fadora hat! but that’s just me.

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