What should I wear to my senior pictures? 10 points to the best idea!?

I’n a couple of weeks, I have to have my senior picture taken. It must be through this one company, or else it will not be put in the yearbook. I’m having pictures done somewhere else, who I know takes fabulous photos.

Generally, I would classify myself as sporty. I like to wear hoodies and jeans, with a t-shirt or polo, or something of that nature. In the summer I wear soffe shorts with a tournament t-shirt. I’m not super girly, but sometimes I’ll wear a skirt, but stuff that’s super flowery really isnt for me. what i mean when i said that stuff is what i normally wear, i’m not going to actually wear that, i’m just saying it for a point of reference

I’m about 5’8, I have brown hair about 3-4 inches longer than my shoulders, I’m tan, but not super tan and I have hazel eyes.

I’m not sure if this will help, but any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

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6 Responses to What should I wear to my senior pictures? 10 points to the best idea!?

  1. zoey_hannah says:

    whatever you do don’t go too trendy! these pictures will follow you for a while
    i’d veto anything too casual as well…just keep it simple…i wore a simple and dressy black top that had a low v-neck….it still looks nice (i graduated in 2002) and my sister who graduated a year after me wore this printed polyester top that was super trendy with chandelier earrings….and its looking a little moldy….just keep it simple…with no obvious and flashy accessories…oh! and don’t over do your hair….keep it as close to how you normally do it everyday…like if you have curly hair….keep it curly (but maybe a little more polished)…straight? keep it straight….(with maybe a little volume and wave) …and skip heavy eyeliner or trendy makeup….you don’t want to feel victimized by your decade when you are looking back at your year book when you are 30.

  2. ckgrey says:

    Wear a black polo with jeans. Black always looks good in the yearbook, and it’ll look good when you’re looking back at your pictures 40 years from today. Keep it simple.

  3. corkie73 says:

    Wear a solid color. Black always looks great. It’s classic and it makes you look slim. Even in your face.

    If black isn’t your thing, go for brown or green to bring out the golden color of your eyes.

    Good Luck!

  4. hellopandax says:

    don’t wear something too ‘out there’ because when your looking back at it when your older you might regret it. go for natural beauty, don’t wear too much makeup (if you do wear makeup) and i would say a simple outfit. you could wear jeans, flip flops and a plain shirt. =]

  5. Pisa is BACK !!! says:

    I would go Classic and have an off the shoulder dress
    (dark color best) with a strand of pearls.
    In years to come, you will appreciate not wearing some
    trendy outfit and wearing something timeless.

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