What should i wear to senior pictures?

i have medium long light brown hair..green eyes…not that tan

i am pretty girly/sporty

i am overweight but i am small at the same time? if that makes sense?

i am wearing jeans but i dont know about a shirt

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9 Responses to What should i wear to senior pictures?

  1. Audrey Leigh says:

    Wear a baby doll shirt that will hide a bulging stomach.. this shirt is really cute.. plus they’re pretty cheap


  2. j2010 says:

    maybe a cute blouse, or a ruffled top if you can make it work !!

    hope your pics turn out beautiful =]

  3. dansing247 says:

    something that compliments your eyes, maybe? what about a green babydoll top. something v-cut so you could wear a tank top inside and layer it.

  4. epow says:

    wear a solid dark top, it’s more slimming (no patterns esp. horizontal stripes)

    if you have thick arms, a shirt with sleeves would be better than a tank top

    don’t wear a shirt that is too low cut for your senior picture

    go easy on the accessories….a single necklace and studs should be nice

  5. rolex says:

    a good photographer will suggest what to wear, it also depends on what backgrounds you choose, what activities you were in , like if you played tennis, wear a cute little tennis outfit, if you were in band, use your instrument a prop in the pic. or if you have a favorite pet, bring them to the shoot, remenber, it’s your memories, make the best of them:)

  6. iiimodel says:

    if your so sporty, maybe your fav sports jersey?

    lettermans jacket.

    something to represent your school.

  7. SchoolGirl says:

    This should be cute:

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