What should my boyfriend and I wear for these photos?

I’m getting some casual/fun senior pictures done by a friend of mine on Friday.
My boyfriend is going to come along so we can take some couple photos too. I want us to coordinate, but not be too matchy.

I have unlimited outfit changes, so what should we wear????? HELP?!

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4 Responses to What should my boyfriend and I wear for these photos?

  1. Aye :D says:

    Wear what you usually wear but bring funny hats/sunglasses/ etc. so you could act silly.

  2. j says:

    nothing o____0

  3. bill g says:

    naked like natural.

  4. Softballchick says:

    You should wear jeans and a cute white tank.
    Your boy can wear jeans and a white bubtton down,
    Ive seen it done, this way you can get creative taking pics, always match the scenery, and have something cute and memorable to look back on :) :)

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