what shyould i wear to homecoming?

ok so i am deciding to come out of the closet as transgender by deciding to go to my senior year homecoming as a girl and am desperate on what to wear.. i.e. heels, dress, how should i do my makeup/hair? please help i will send pictures to whoever emails me. my email is itscandis@yahoo.com and if u dont like email we can AIM but ya so just post answers and if u wanna see what i look like so u can decide what would look best just email me lovelies. thanks!!!

i am 5’7 and 120lbs and have feminine features and have been mistaken as a girl several times..i have curves and a perky butt but email me if yall want more info on what i look like and what would look best
also, i need help on bras, panties, and lingerie for the night afterwards (maybe)

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  1. Kristofer says:

    This isn’t fashion advice, just advice in general…does anyone know you are transgender? if not, that will be a very awkward night for everyone (you and them). I think it’s awesome to be who you are, and not let society put so many limitations on that, but if NO one knows, you won’t have anyone to hang with,and it won’t be a whole lot of fun…

    Other than that, I hop your homecoming ROCKS! 🙂

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