what to wear for senior portraits?

mines on friday. from the letter they mailed me it says

"try and stay away from bold stripes and plaids. we suggest you to bring more than one outfit."

how many outfits should i bring with me?
what are some examples of what would be good to wear?
send me pictures of examples? 🙂 the clothes i have are all from hollister or abercrombie :]

how does this sound?:
for one outfit i was thinking of wearing either a white tanktop or a white shortsleeves tshirt with something like this over it:
except mine is different. mine is all pink (:
would that be a good one?

please help me! :/ i have NO CLUE what to wear for mine.
change of plans .. its now tomorrow afternoon :/

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5 Responses to what to wear for senior portraits?

  1. Ashley D says:

    bring three or four outfits. i brought four, i ended up wearing three, but i have seen people end up in as many as five.

    the thing about senior portraits is you want people to see them and go "oh, thats so and so, i remember her for ______". so you will want your clothes to represent YOU.

    bring one casual outfit, like something you would wear if you were just hanging out at a park.

    bring one outfit that is on the dressier side of things.

    bring one outfit that is somewhere between casual and dressy, like what you might wear if you were trying to impress a cute boy without trying TOO hard if you know what i mean.

    and for the fourth outfit, maybe bring your prom dress or your band outfit or something that shows one of the activities you were in while you were in school.

    make sure all your bits are covered, you dont want to have a bunch of pictures taken and then find out most of them show your nipples or something.

    im not really a huge fan of abercrombie or hollister, so im sorry, i cant really pick out outfits from them, but generally, you will just want to wear what you would normally wear, only slightly more dressed up looking. you want to look like the best version of yourself.

    they are right, avoid busy patterns and things that reflect too much light, they show up looking funny on camera.

    oh, and this is going to sound silly but BRING A BIG BLANKET with in case you end up doing any outdoor shots. i did outdoor shots in a park, and we were all expecting the bathrooms to be unlocked for me to change in. yeah, they werent. luckly my mom had a big blanket in the car, we hung it from some trees and i changed behind that. im glad we had the blanket or i would have been giving most of the park a free show

  2. Cydney says:

    I’m sure that would be fine, I wouldnt stress bout it too much

  3. Aundrea says:

    For my Senior pictures….a LONG time ago (1992). I picked out a more traditional outfit for the "formal" photo, typically the one Mom will hang on the wall and give out to family. I chose a black top with some dramatic earrings because it was simply a head/shoulders shot. The for the other photos I chose my Varsity jacket and some other outfits that I liked to wear and that my friends would recognize me in. I think I had 4-5 outfits with me to change into.

    My best advise it wear something comfortable and wear things that are you. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new things.

    Do keep their advice in mind, no plaids, stripes, obnoxious patterns or colors…they just end up looking HORRIBLE. I like the tank top you choose, would be nice with a pair of shorts or jeans and bare feet. Keep it simple, it’s your Senior portraits.


  4. Shanna says:

    When I went I took 3 outfits.

    One dressier.. which was a black knee length skirt and white form fitted top.

    One casual.. a jean skirt with a striped tee (I wish now that I hadnt went with the striped tee..)

    Then one that was just ME, my favorite jeans and a long sleeve american eagle tee.

    A lot of people if they play sports will take a uniform.. or if they are into skateboarding will take their skateboard.. I think basic colors are best.. otherwise the outfit will take away from you.

  5. HB26 says:

    that is a very cute top, so yes i think it would be good. i think they usually suggest to bring app 3 outfits. i think i brought a casual, (which you could use the top in the pic with a pair of dark jeans), an outift that is a little more dressy(maybe some capris with a nice colorful top), then a dress or skirt of some sort. that way you will have an outfit for all sorts of backgrounds and can have a virety to choose from.

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