What to wear for your senior pics?

Hi. I’m a guy and I’m going to be taking my senior pictures at my high school during orientation. These pictures aren’t gonna go on the yearbooks, but they’ll be on my student id and my student records etc. so the pictures are done by local photographers in little studios set up in the school gym. there are a couple of background colors to choose from: gray, blue, purple, green, and amber. i still haven’t decided on what to wear for the picture yet.
i’ll try to describe myself the best i can so u guys will kno what clothing matches me best. okay. so i’m well known at my school. im known to be a nice, sweet, funny guy. i’m asian lol. and for an asian i think im pretty tall. im smart, at least thats what my friends say. for the last three years all the pictures ive taken are just me with tshirts. plain old white tshirts. i want something different this year. also for school these three yrs ive been wearing a tshirt with a fleece/hoodie jacket. and jeans. i dont want my style to change that much i guess, but at least some so that it would be the same every year. hopefully u guys can give me advice on what to wear as well for regular school.

this is a picture of me when i went to a formal wedding. me wearing a tux.

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  1. imy says:

    dude just dont go too formal a thsirt is good besides usally they only get the top half of your body

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