what type of outfit should i wear for my senior picture?

Can any girls/guys help me out? What do you think is the best, something fancy like a cute shirt/skirt ensemble? Is jeans 2 casual?
idk how ill do my hair, its so short and ueven and damaged.

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  1. wowieitsmanda says:

    I would get your hair cut and styled first simply because the pics will be expensive and you want to look your best!

    I would find out what kind of scene you will be in, like would you be laying on your "2008" or would you be your locker!

    Whatever you do im sure you will look fantastic! Good luck! AND congrats on graduating!

  2. RhSHaRkS says:

    something black and elegant. from the senior pictures ive seen, the females all wear a rose and something black that reveals there collar bones and shoulders.

  3. soooo...g says:

    i think you shud have lyk a collar shirt…jeans i dont think will be too casual….something lyk this http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/juniors/dressesanddressyapparel/topsjackets/PRD~359095/My+Michelle+PinStriped+Suit+Jacket.jsp


    one of those outfits tht have a solid striped collar shirt (mostly long sleeves) and have a black sweater vest (if you noe wut i mean) that gives off a professional look…and jeans wud be fine with maybe black pointy shoes

  4. sai says:

    chick this out prob’ly it may help

  5. Widney g says:

    Wear something clean cut. No cleavage showing. A color you know you look good in. Nothing goofy, or too unique (20 years from now you will be showing them to your kids), leave that for the yearbook. And smile

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