Whats a senior picture ? and What to Wear?

i need to know what a senior picture , my school arranged a photo shoot for tommarow and i dont even know what a senior picture is , what do you wear to one , im a guy 17 Thanx

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  1. BabygirlEvey says:

    a senior pic is a picture you take for a senior class

    dress nicely sometimes they have a cap and gown they make you wear but if they don’t at least your dressed nicely

    good luck and don’t forget to smile

  2. lacrosse lover<3 says:

    you could wear like a suit for one. or a nice collared button shirt. or a polo or a casual shirt. pick out maybe like 3 or 4 outfits to wear, since you will be taking many pictures. hope i helped. jeans and khakis are good too.

  3. Bella L says:

    It’s a senior pic.
    Uh I’m not sure how you can explain that.
    Basically, your class pictures will be at the very front of the yearbook in color as opposed to everyone else.

    You wear black. Black button up shirt maybe tie? and whatever pants.
    You should probably wear them in black too.
    Bring a change of clothes so you don’t walk around like an idiot after the shoot. =]

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