whats the best thing to do for healthy skin?

so im 18 years old and i feel i should stop wearing so much make up. Im sick of spending the money on it and gettin up every morning to put it on but if i stop wearing it my face will break out even worse then what it already is.. my senior pictures are coming up and i want to be able to have smooth healthy looking skin for my senior pictures. HELP!! what should i do

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  1. coop says:

    seriously, eat baked beans, apples and drink lots of water , and stop wearing a lot of make or using tonnes of face wash, simply wash your face every morning (once a day) and follow those tips it worked for me!
    Your face will not recover for about a week but after that your face is really clear, i was like you but Baked beans and apple have a vitamin that helps steady the levels of sebum (the oil in pores) and i suggest using a face wash suitable to your skin e.g. dry or sensitive
    good luck it really works!

  2. Shelby says:

    Use proactiv.
    Proactiv works alot. I started getting it about 8 months ago, and my skin improved so much! The refining mask in it works great over night, it will make your pimples go away in just a matter of one or two nights.

  3. Jade says:

    try going to the doctors.
    my 23 year old sisters skin has been bad since she was 17 and she went to the doctors and they prescribed her some antibiotics thingy and it really helped her.
    theres a pill they can give you that makes it go really bad and then just clears it up completely..my friends have said its really good.
    just go and explain it all and it should be fine 😀

    good luck!

  4. Gramma Chriss says:

    My daughter had really bad acne and we used the Wal-Mart version of ProActive. Worked wonders in a matter of 2 weeks. Her skin is clear and beautiful now. She did that about 6 months ago. She continues on the regimen still.

  5. HunniBunch0x says:

    Drink lots of water! Eat healthy, dont pick spots and just make sure you get any grub of with a flannel every evening then moisturise. No need for expenisve clensers ect

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